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For dailies and weeklies, the Ad Wizard's display ad building and print-scheduling system makes it easy to sell print display ads on your newspaper's web site. The system sells Retail Display ads, Classified Display ads, Auto and Real Estate ads in a variety of formats. Ad Wizard has helped newspapers and publishers sell more than $200 million in print ads. Call us. We can help.

The Real Estate Ad Wizard helps publishers make real estate ad sales in their local market by offering free web listings and  paid print ads all in one easy process. This system supports photo listings, display ads and free web listings. Advertisers are given free online upgrades as incentives to purchase print ads. Check it out. You can take back the real estate ad market.

Now you can automate a new sales channel with Quick Ad Wizard's display ad building and print-scheduling system for weekly papers. Sell print display ads on your web site 24 hours a day. You'll save the cost of ad make-up while making it easy and convenient for your advertisers. You'll receive a print-ready PDF and insertion order with every order. is a custom print art work editor web site for printers, publishers and brand managers. It works as a standalone web site or can be loaded into an existing web site as an i-frame.  The system allows a central office to manage all aspects of the site, the content and access. It can be easily integrated into ordering and payment systems such as Paypal.

With the CMS Wizard you can manage the content of your own web site. The easy-to-use web site editor lets you instantly update text, prices, products, descriptions and dates so your web site is always current and meaningful to your visitors and customers. If you can use an application like Word, you can easily do this.


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